POS Security: How To Enhance Your Customer Data Protection AT Selling Points.

point of sale

As advancement in technology takes shape in the business arena, so are criminals enhancing their tactics? Fraudsters are no longer targeting inventories or cash in your tills. Their aim is focusing on stealing data from your POS system.

Recently, reputable stores and online payment platforms like Walmart and PayPal faced threats from cybercriminals. With this, you can confirm that no business is secure or safe from becoming a cybercrime victim.

Despite this being the current market nature, prevention is better than cure. Taking serious precautions can shield your business from falling into fraudsters trap. Here are some of the ways you can secure your Point of sale system from cybercrimes:

a)    Accept mobile payments

One way to shield your POS terminal from being accessible to fraudsters is introducing mobile payments. This aspect will reduce queue at the terminals. Crowding offers fraudsters an opportunity to place skimming devices without being noticed by your service attendants.

As the staffs continue to complete the customer’s order transactions, the fraudster steals their confidential data. By introducing mobile payment systems, you reduce queues as customers can fulfill their orders without having to visit the POS terminals.  Hence, you reduce the chances of fraudster accessing your Points of sale.

b)    Limit internet access

Certainly, you have an internet connection in your store that you use with your POS system and other online transactions. Also, it is possible you use iPod POS system with wireless connections. If these statements are in line with realities in your business, probably you have a Wi-Fi. A major mistake many businesses make is operating unprotected wireless connections.

In an attempt to woo more customers, modern organizations are offering free Wi-Fi.  Also, they use the same connection with their POS systems. This way, they provide a fertile ground for the fraudster to access your business and customer data. To avoid this scenario, you need to limit access to the connection you use for business transactions.   

c)    Be Vigilant with your staffs

In most cases, those conducting frauds are within your business. For this reason, you need to be vigilant on the staffs operating your Point of Sale. If you notice unusual behavior in these staffs, you should act before it is too late. Also, you should train your staffs to be vigilant and report any unusual trends in their peers. This way, you will guard your business against inside planned crimes. 

And that’s how to enhance your POS security.